Stationary Cycling
through Google Streetview


This is a list of items that I used. While there wasn't any soldering required and most components are fairly interchangeable with others, unfortunately, the key part is pretty specialized and not likely to be in everyone's gadget chest.

  • Vuzix VR920 - The key component. A bit steep at over 400$ but I already had it. Important too is the internal accelerometer and magnetometer that allows the detection of what direction the display is looking in space which will be used to orient the view in Google StreetView. (310$ from EBay)
  • Bike computer sensor and magnet - Used to detect each rotation of the wheel. (5$ from
  • Arduino Lilypad 168 - Turns the data from the bike computer's sensor into a stream of serial characters. (21$ from
  • FTDI Breakout - Bridges usb to the serial stream from the Lilypad (14$ from
  • 3 Aligator Clips - Attaches the bike sensor/resistor to Arduino (from parts chest)
  • Pot - Only thing I had that could serve as a pull-up resistor (from parts chest)
  • Laptop - Who doesn't have one these days? (Fujitsu p7120 - 2500$ from Fujitsu in 2006)
  • Miele Torino Bike - 24" wheels. Stolen from wife. She doesn't mind... I think (0$ from Marriage)
  • Minoura Mag500 Bike Trainer - This allows me to rig the bike onto some rollers with variable resistance (70$ from Craigslist)

Hardware Layout

... The knee bone connected to the thigh bone,
The thigh bone connected to the back bone,
The back bone connected to the neck bone,
The neck bone connected to the head bone ...
- Dry Bones

Just a quick image showing how all the components are connected together.


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